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candida overgrowth..?

Question by realsync1: candida overgrowth..?
Ive been taking antibiotics for couple of months. Minocycline and doxycycline. They did a good job keeping my cystic acne away. I am 21 right now and i still get acne but right now i am trying to stop taking antibiotics because i have candida overgrowth and my tongue is white and i think because of the antibiotics it made the candida worser. but if i wont take minocycline for at least two days i get cystic acne again. Is there any way i can still take minocycline and probiotics so it wont make my candida worser because thats the reason why i get acne i think. Everybody in my family had acne but it stoped when they turned 19 and 20 but they didnt take antibiotics like i did and they dont have candida overgrowth but i am 21 and i still get allot of acne. So is it ok to take minocycline with probiotics while you have candida overgrowth. I dont want to stop taking minocycline because everytime i do i get cystic acne.

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Answer by Samurai
I understand your heartbrake over the acne. But you are totally messing with your system by continually taking those antibiotics! You can do permanent damage.
The best pro-biotic I have found is Primal Defense. You can find it at Whole Foods Market.

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