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I am in a War with Staph Bacteria on my Tongue?

Question by rechter: I am in a War with Staph Bacteria on my Tongue?

Actually from 4 months ago, and suddenly found my Tongue had a white sores, very very Painful, after one week my tongue became a good, after one week I found yellow, white sores on my tongue BUT NOT PAINFUL AND i DON’T FEEL IT AND IT DOESN’T BOTHER ME, I can eat, somke, drink and I am fine UNTIL NOW, I made SWAB TONGUE EXAM and the analysis found MRSA on my tongue, after one month I repeated this analysis and the result was Gram Positive Cocci, when I compared two analysis I found antibiotics in the first analysis are resistance but in the 2nd one are sensitve and vice versa !!!!!!!!!,

I went to many doctors, and they told me don’t worry from anything becaues it doesn’t hurt you.

Ok, in this duration I taked many medicines

Azithromycin (anti biotic to kill staph)
Ciprofloxacin (anti biotic to kill staph)
Anti Fungi

and until now nothing change

yesterday I started to use listerine mouthwash and I hope to treat me

Please help me, My wedding after 6 days and I wanna Kiss my lovely wife without worring to infect her.

I wanna see my tongue in a good health again

please help me

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Answer by Paige
What did you just say?! Taked many medicines?? Slap my ass and call me sally! Why would anyone taked many medicines in the first place?

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Oral Thrush – treatment?

Question by Karl L: Oral Thrush – treatment?
So I have been pretty crook lately – was on a course of prednisone and antibiotics a two months ago.

I noticed a white coating on my tongue and burning sensation, went to the doctor who said it was thrush probably caused by the antibiotics – she sent me of to the chemist and i picked up some DAKTARIN oral gel 40gs.

My problem is, I use this stuff the prescribed half a teaspoon 4 times a day –

YET – the next morning I have the white tongue coating again!

Am i doing somthing wrong?

For some reason people always fire off the “Late stage AIDS, “comment – I have had a full blood work including sti’s (hiv) and Antibody screening – I have negative results.

so are there any other reasons why this thing is so persistant?

Best answer:

Answer by Julie R
An imbalance of yeast in the body is extremely difficult to get rid off. You can try eating more garlic and eating plain white yogurt, as well as taking acidiphilous and bifidus, both beneficial bacteria that should be in the body. The antibiotics killed all the bacteria so now you need to build it back up. There are all sorts of books and diets on this…The Yeast Connection, etc. You can try googling it and it will give you much more information. Thrush is just a yeast infection in your mouth.

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my son has thrush in his mouth…..?

Question by irene: my son has thrush in his mouth…..?
my 10 year old has had thrush in his mouth for over a month. i was putting daktarin on it but to no avail. so i took him to the doctors and he prescribed nystan liquid. i treated him with this til the whole bottle was empty. the thrush still did not go. i gave him a oral thrush tablet. still hasn’t gone. so i took him back to the doctors who said he has to have a blood test. but that is a week away! and by the time the results come back it will be another 2-3 weeks. i took him back yet again as the thrush was irritating him. the doctor prescribed orabase oral paste. which guess what? has been discontinued. i phoned the nhs help line up. told them everything. they have said to take him back to my doctors. which i am. and im going to ask to hurry the blood test up. why wont it clear up? i have stopped any pop sugary salty things. i tried to get him to have natural yoghurt but he doesnt like it. what is wrong? please only serious answers. as this is getting to my son to the point where he wont go school. and its getting to me as im doing everything possible. thanks.
hi the bigFG. i am in the uk what type of sugary powder was it? have you a name. then i will go chemist see if they have got it. but i thought sugary stuff was bad for thrush?

Best answer:

Answer by TheBigFGuy
There’s an old home remedy that we used when our son had thrush. Powdered sugar. We poured out some and dipped his pacifier in it and gave it to him a few times a day. Within a few days it was all gone. No doctor visits.

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How long does it take to heal a mild fungal skin infection[inner thigh].

Question by weird thigh: How long does it take to heal a mild fungal skin infection[inner thigh].
Using daktarin cream twice daily, keeping the area as dry as is reasonable and showering every day, roughly how long would it be likely to take until I start seeing the results?

Best answer:

Answer by solomonpathirana
With the use of Daktarin cream it will clear in 2 weeks, unless there is reinfection.
Results should be seen within 1 to 3 days

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