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Yeast Infection Symptoms In Women Are Very Common  

Article by Boris Chistyakov

Yeast infections usually affect adult females; hence it is important to get rid of it. A dark and moist place like the female reproductive organ is the perfect host to a fungus like yeast. Under normal conditions, women already have yeast in the female reproductive organ’s area. It has been proved that 3 out of every 4 women will get a yeast infection at least once in their lifetime.

Yeast infections happen once the yeast starts to multiply without any control. It takes place due to weakening of the women’s immune system. This may be while battling any illness or while treating any disease by using antibiotics.

There are a number of common yeast infection symptoms in women. But these symptoms at times may be quite similar to a number of other medical conditions. These medical conditions include some sexually transmitted diseases also. It is best to consult a doctor in case you think that you have a yeast infection. This will rule out any other serious disease. The most common yeast infection symptoms in women are:

* Itching

* Soreness of any form

* A burning feeling while urinating

* Thick and white female reproductive organ’s discharge

* Bad odour in the female reproductive organ’s region

* Pain in the female reproductive organ’s area

* Pain in the abdomen

There are certain women who may experience these symptoms many times in a year. The susceptibility to female reproductive organ’s yeast infection is higher in the case of these women. Yeast infections tend to occur 4 to 5 times each year in the case of 5% women.

Certain women may experience slight symptoms while a few women may experience no symptoms at all. The male partner may still get the yeast infection passed on to him. Symptoms in the case of males tend to be a bit different. The symptoms are detailed below:

* Chapped and dry skin in the genital area

* Constipation and gas

* Rashes

* Soreness at the head of the male reproductive organ

* White and thick discharge

* Appearance of blisters

Again, these symptoms are all close to symptoms you may experience with other conditions involving the genitals. As early as possible it is crucial to know how to treat the yeast infection symptoms. Treat your yeast infection symptoms quickly in the right away.

Female reproductive organ’s infection can be prevented if proper care is taken. The most important part is hygiene. You need to keep the female reproductive organ’s area clean and dry. Always wear cotton undergarments. Synthetic innerwear should be avoided. Immediately change your swimsuit when it gets wet. Avoid feminine sprays, scented toilet paper and deodorant tampons.

A pelvic examination may be done to confirm the yeast infection symptoms in women. Any inflammation of the vulva will become evident this way.

The risk of yeast affection may be alleviated due to many reasons. Stress or lack of sleep may also be a factor. Another reason may be due to illness or during pregnancy. Poor eating habits like eating too much of sugary food also promotes yeast infection. People who are taking in steroids or birth control pills are also more prone to yeast infection.

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Q&A: Yeast Infection symptoms with slight abdominal cramps: Any help?

Question by Bride2Be: Yeast Infection symptoms with slight abdominal cramps: Any help?
Never had a yeast infection but I think I might have one now but besides the original symptoms that have been happening for a week I have developed a slight abdominal cramp on my right side. It is not constant but noticeable. Are these symptoms related? Is this a yeast infection? (Itching, burning, discharge)

Best answer:

Answer by mlgable
The itching would be severe and the discharge would be a clumpy cottage cheesy type discharge, You obviously have an infection of some kind but without running tests there is no way to know what it is. Go to urgent care or a walk in clinic and get it checked out. It could be spreading since you mention abdominal pain at times.

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What are some Yeast infection symptoms?

Question by Jackie M: What are some Yeast infection symptoms?
I know my boyfriend doesn’t have any STD’s and neither do I, but we do have unprotected sex, my symtoms are relating to yeast infection but im worried and cant get in the town to go to a doctor for a week.

Best answer:

Answer by Nisa.Serene
Extreme itching down there, white discharge that’s clumpy.
Just eat lots of yogurt! It helps til you can get to the doctor!
If you have taken any antibiotics recently, that can be the cause of the yeast infection.

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Q&A: Can you have a yeast infection without symptoms?

Question by CJ: Can you have a yeast infection without symptoms?
My latest pap came back with a yeast infection, but I have absolutely NO symptoms. NO itching, burning, discharge, or odor. If anything, I’m a bit dry.

I always thought a yeast infection was a burning, unbearable thing, but I feel nothing untoward. Could that test be wrong?

Best answer:

Answer by helper
It affects everyone differently. Basically the culture came back with an over growth of yeast, they could have caught it before it got bad enough to display its annoying symptoms.

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what are the differences between yeast infection symptoms and genital herpes symptoms?

Question by latingirl: what are the differences between yeast infection symptoms and genital herpes symptoms?
ive had a yest infection before but this one is different i got the itchy and the irritated part of it as well as the white discharge but now i also got this type of sore that burns when i urinate. Can this happen with a yeast infection? or does it sound more like genital herpes?

Best answer:

Answer by wtackitt
You may have both, Herpes will usually come out with alot of painful sores, not just one unless you have already had an outbreak before. If you are not already being treated for your yeast infection you may want to visit with your doctor to make sure you don’t have an outbreak.

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if i’m having yeast infection symptoms, when should i seek treatment?

Question by :]: if i’m having yeast infection symptoms, when should i seek treatment?
last night i noticed some symptoms similar of a yeast infection, but it’s not unbearable. how long should i wait until i see a doctor or get OTC treatment?

Best answer:

Answer by Dr who
try some gynecort to see if that helps.

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How long will a topical(internal and external) yogurt treatment relieve yeast infection symptoms?

Question by Katy Martin: How long will a topical(internal and external) yogurt treatment relieve yeast infection symptoms?
I used a 1200 mg monistat ovule last night for a yeast infection. this morning i was in horrible pain. awful itching, burning, stinging. i applied yogurt and felt relief besides a feeling of warmth inside my vagina. a second time i used the tampon method after scooping what i could of the yeast(and possibly some of the monistat)out in the shower. if i have plans for the night, will the relief from these two treatments likely last until tomorrow?

Best answer:

Answer by TweetyBird
The itching, burning and stinging are all due to the effect the vaginal candidiasis has on the vaginal membranes. They’re inflamed. The 1200mg ovule is Monistat 1 day Day & Night. It’s a one time dose and will likely resolve the infection permanently. If yogurt helps, you can continue to use it or you can speak to your doctor about a topical cream to supply immediate symptom relief for the symptoms.

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Yeast Infection Symptoms  

Article by Stephanie Stevens

Yeast Infection Symptoms: The Basics and Treatment

While yeast infections are considered rather a commonplace health issue, there is no doubt that the symptoms are irritating and uncomfortable. They can often affect your lifestyle negatively and cause you inconvenience.

While many people understand a few causes of yeast infection, there are quite a few situations that can trigger the onset of a yeast infection, such as taking antibiotics and high blood sugar levels.

Very often it is difficult to identify whether you have a yeast infection or not. Knowing the kinds of yeast infection symptoms help you determine this.

Oral Candidiasis, otherwise known as Oral thrush, is one of the more visible yeast infection symptoms because it appears on the mouth. It commonly manifests through thick, white or yellow colored lumpy sponges on the sides of the mouth or on the tongue. They are uncomfortable and can cause bleeding when touched.

One of the most common yeast infection symptoms are rashes on the genitals. For men, the more common symptoms are itching and irritation on the penis accompanied by red patchy sores and sometimes discharge.

For women, yeast infection symptoms include soreness and itching or swelling of the labia, also a whitish and thick discharge from the vagina. The discharge often has a strong, unpleasant smell like yeast. Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, are similar, and can be confused often with yeast infection. Bacterial vaginosis is a condition that requires a different kind of treatment.

In a book by Dr. William Cook, he discusses alternative symptoms. He hypothesized that asthma, muscle pain, fatigue, urinary problems and sexual dysfunction are also indirect yeast infection symptoms that must be looked out for. Although his hypothesis has not undergone many scientific studies, it is better to be informed and of what your symptoms could be.

Perhaps the most dangerous kind of yeast infection symptoms is no symptoms at all. This is a sign that more severe types of symptoms are happening or will manifest much later and will of course be more difficult to treat. These can include a condition where the esophagus, upper intestine, and stomach walls are thinning. Bacteria from digestion ‘leak’ into your bloodstream and travel around the body, affecting other organs.

One should not hesitate to immediately go to the doctor and ask for ways of treatment, if one is in doubt or worried about certain manifesting symptoms. However, ridding yourself of the yeast infection symptoms will not stop the yeast infection itself, which is the most important thing to do.

Over the counter treatments like the anti-fungal Nizoral, are popular prescribed treatment creams. Also, Difuclan, which is a prescribed oral pill, is reported to have a 90% success rate in treating yeast infection.

Try a natural yeast infection cure to your yeast infection without drugs and save money. One will avoid a recurring yeast infection, and improve the body’s ability to fight yeast overgrowth in the first place.

Most importantly, one must keep on top of yeast infection symptoms because they may be signs of more severe auto-immune disorders or diseases like diabetes or HIV.

However, most of the time, one can be assured the symptoms are caused by a simple yeast infection that is easily cured. The important thing is to identify and treat the yeast infection early.

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