Is there a natural way or homeopathic treatment to cure h.pylori?

Question by daisy65: Is there a natural way or homeopathic treatment to cure h.pylori?
About a year ago i started with all sorts of symptoms, my dr.gave me a test and said it was h.pylori he gave me a prevpac(antibiotics)triple therapy but i have a lot of sensativity issues with antibiotics, oral thrush, vaginal infections so stopped taking them, changed my whole lifestyle of eating, no more cokes,white flour, some symptoms disappeared but then i started getting like hives anywhere all of a sudden, specially with meat, so im down like 15 lbs. can o nly eat vegetables, salads, brocoli,some fruit no sugars at all so im trying to research a more natural way of healing my body but ive been getting contradicting info, candida, fibromyalgia, h.pylori, tape worms, my god, im going crazy, what good are these doctors for then?all of the above sort of have the same symptoms, where do I start?
The hives are whats driving me crazy, i already got allergy testing, no food allergies
so its something else, can h.pylori cause hives/rashes?
No, i did not finish the antibiotic prevpac because of nasty side effects, then started getting candida oral thrush,vaginal infections, just kept taking prevacid and helped for quite a while but now i think the ulcer is there because of the pain at night. Guess ill have to go back and try the prevpac again, im not sure, there are so many things online, heard of manuka honey,mastic gum, coconut oil, kefir, firelac, maybe a combination of both antibiortics and some of the above i will try.

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Answer by daddy77_us
If you have H. pylori it will likely be an ulcer. There shouldn’t be any hives/rashes. If you do get on an antibiotic take a pro biotic along with it and that should help some. Antibiotics are great for killing infections but they also kill good flora that your gut needs to function properly. Pro biotics will replace these.

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