Is there a natural way or homeopathic treatment to cure h.pylori?

Question by daisy65: Is there a natural way or homeopathic treatment to cure h.pylori?
About a year ago i started with all sorts of symptoms, my dr.gave me a test and said it was h.pylori he gave me a prevpac(antibiotics)triple therapy but i have a lot of sensativity issues with antibiotics, oral thrush, vaginal infections so stopped taking them, changed my whole lifestyle of eating, no more cokes,white flour, some symptoms disappeared but then i started getting like hives anywhere all of a sudden, specially with meat, so im down like 15 lbs. can o nly eat vegetables, salads, brocoli,some fruit no sugars at all so im trying to research a more natural way of healing my body but ive been getting contradicting info, candida, fibromyalgia, h.pylori, tape worms, my god, im going crazy, what good are these doctors for then?all of the above sort of have the same symptoms, where do I start?
The hives are whats driving me crazy, i already got allergy testing, no food allergies
so its something else, can h.pylori cause hives/rashes?
No, i did not finish the antibiotic prevpac because of nasty side effects, then started getting candida oral thrush,vaginal infections, just kept taking prevacid and helped for quite a while but now i think the ulcer is there because of the pain at night. Guess ill have to go back and try the prevpac again, im not sure, there are so many things online, heard of manuka honey,mastic gum, coconut oil, kefir, firelac, maybe a combination of both antibiortics and some of the above i will try.

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Answer by daddy77_us
If you have H. pylori it will likely be an ulcer. There shouldn’t be any hives/rashes. If you do get on an antibiotic take a pro biotic along with it and that should help some. Antibiotics are great for killing infections but they also kill good flora that your gut needs to function properly. Pro biotics will replace these.

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  1. sastry m says:

    Homeopathic treatment is the best alternative because it specializes both on individual pathology of physical ailments as well as mind and constitutional temperaments. Please consult a good homeopathic doctor explaining all your sufferings unreservedly and answering the doctor’s questions genuinely. Since you have already mastered self control over dietetic regimen it will be easy to get desired results in lesser period of treatment to gain a comfortable status of health before continuing further.

  2. ƦєdAиgєℓ says:

    The anti-microbial action of stomach acid kills bacterias (including the H Pylori bacteria) and fungi the moment they hit the gut. Low stomach acid leaves the body unprotected from infection and leads to many health conditions. The H Pylori bacteria also attacks the parietal cells (stomach lining) and inhibits acid production. If you still have the H Pylori bacteria, then getting rid of this first with natural alternatives (on second link below) is needed before improving stomach acid with digestive enyzmes.

    Conditions Linked to Low Stomach Acid include:

    * Allergies
    * Asthma
    * Autoimmune diseases
    * Chronic candida
    * Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
    * Chronic hepatitis
    * Chronic hives
    * Dry skin
    * Eczema
    * Gallbladder disease
    * Gastrointestinal (GI) infections and parasites
    * Hypoglycemia
    * Lupus
    * Osteoporosis
    * Psoriasis
    * Reduced night vision
    * Rheumatic arthritis
    * Rosacea
    * Thyroid disorders
    * Type I and II diabetes
    * Vitiligo (a skin disorder characterized by white patches or spots)
    * Weakened hair, nails, and skin

    This link is very informative about low stomach acid and how to treat it>>>

    This link goes into alternative treatments for h pylori>>>

  3. Rhianna says:

    No. Definitely no.

    Did you complete the antibiotic course? If you had the correct combination (rational choice would be amoxicillin and clarithromycin bd for a week ) as well as double dose acid suppressing drugs which allow the antibiotics to work properly in the stomach, it eradicates the problem in up to 9 in 10 cases. Those dietary changes you made won’t have any specific effect on H.pylori.

    Some people get local yeast infections when they take antibiotics, but this is seldom of any consequence and is easily resolved. The hives could be caused by something you ingest or something you are touching. Did this happen when you took the antibiotics? Or is this an ongoing thing?

    “candida, fibromyalgia, ”
    It really sounds like you’ve been talking to some Naturoquack.

    Edit: note that RedAngel is lying about low stomach acid.

    Go see a real Doctor.

    Note that Flashflood “won’t give out certain information for the skepti-nazis to bash” Simply because she cannot support what she is saying with evidence or even basic physiology. Not that she worries about little things like that!

    Oh and just to be clear, there is no credible evidence to support homeopathy.

    Edit: No thats not what an ad ad hominem is, I don’t think you actually know what that means! Fail

    @ Flashflood. Nope. You’re still wrong. I didn’t discredit your answer (you did that nicely all by yourself BTW), I simply pointed out to the poster (AFTER you called us “nazi-skeptics!) a likely reason why you will not give out certain information. I didn’t comment on the rest of your answer, which was by large, anecdotal and unsupported.

    Stupid comments deserve ridicule.

    Fail isn’t a grading, fail means you’ve failed your own argument. Which you do, time and time again.

    You always misunderstand when a fallacy is or isn’t a fallacy too. The problem is your lack of ability to think logically and critically which is why you end up in the fallacious situations you do.

  4. Avicenna says:

    Only with the help of Nature in form of overdose on Vitamins, minerals, certain enzymes and hormones can start the healing process to sick and needy.

    Anything else – including most of modern Western medicine is just prolonging the pain and suffering.

  5. Rhonda says:

    Yes there is it is called GASTRO HEALTH
    •Inhibits the growth of the dangerous H. pylori bacteria.
    •Soothes the stomach.
    •Minimizes gastric irritation and discomfort.
    Gastro Health [Digestive]. NSP spent two years intensively evaluating various herbs in order to create this unique, patented, natural formula designed to support stomach health.

    Recent scientific studies determined that H. pylori bacteria may be a primary cause of ulcers and found that ingredients in this formula may inhibit the activity of H. pylori.

    In clinical studies, deglycyrrhizinated licorice extract (DGLE) helped soothe stomach irritations and relieved associated discomfort.

    Gastro Health also provides pau d’arco bark extract, clove flower powder extract, Inula racemosa root extract and capsicum fruit.

    Gastro Health provides nutritional support for the stomach during stress, strain and discomfort.
    My email is I can tell u where to get it at direct cost.

  6. Flashflood says:

    I had acid reflux for over a year and took Previcid, then Nexium…and followed the doctor’s other advice and gave up certain foods including hot sauce…..and all these efforts were only mildly effective…or so it seemed. Then I was diagnosed with H Pylori too (I initially was not positive for it)

    I did NOT take the anti-biotic pack because of the same reasons you gave. Instead I took probiotics and started using Frank’s Red Hot Sauce again. My acid reflux went away and has not been an issue since. (years). Note that Frank’s Red Hot has a vinegar base and that may be the key. Tabasco type hot sauces made the acid reflux worse (which is more alkaline – ie: not acidic). I know they have done studies on H pylori in a lab setting with just jalepenos and results were minimal. That is why I think the vinegar component might have something to do with it….which aligns with what Red Angel says about it actually being a LACK of acid…so it might be worth considering. Although I wouldn’t suggest using any kind of hot sauce until have gotten some other things under control.

    I’ve not heard of H Pylori causing hives…but if you are having other digestive issues, you might now have a sensitivity or a lack of good intestinal flora (like another person suggested).

    My son was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome years ago and tried everything the doctor’s suggested. Most foods caused a reaction coming to a point where the only thing he could eat was turkey and tortilla chips. After scopes, and pills, etc….I tried him on a natural route and his IBS went away, and has not returned (it’s been 8 years now).

    If you want the details, email me. I won’t give out certain information for the skepti-nazis to bash. You know the saying about not casting pearls before swine…….and they are already snorting about on your question.

    EDIT: Oh my oh my, Rhianna…. A little ad hominem attack on me? Again? How original…..

    Edit: Yes Rhianna, you tried to discredit my answer (without even knowing what it would be that I would tell the asker via email) by ridiculing me…which aside from being a blatant personal attack, attempts to make your opinion laden answer more legitimate by default rather than simply standing on its own merits. Btw…your “grading” of me or any other Alt Med advocate means nothing. You are not our superior or judge…although you might like to consider yourself as such. Your delusions of grandeur are boring.

    Edit: Yawn. Still at it I see.

  7. TayBar says:

    H Pylori usely causes stomach ulcers but other symptoms can be observed. I guess if your Doc said you had H pylori I would tend to believe that test. However since you did not do the full antibiotic treatment, you probably still have H pylori that is causing you these problems.
    Check out this info on a Probiotic that has been clinically proven to help with symptoms of stomach complaints caused by H pylori:

    You can find this specific probiotic online at:

    Hope this works out for you!

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