I am in a War with Staph Bacteria on my Tongue?

Question by rechter: I am in a War with Staph Bacteria on my Tongue?

Actually from 4 months ago, and suddenly found my Tongue had a white sores, very very Painful, after one week my tongue became a good, after one week I found yellow, white sores on my tongue BUT NOT PAINFUL AND i DON’T FEEL IT AND IT DOESN’T BOTHER ME, I can eat, somke, drink and I am fine UNTIL NOW, I made SWAB TONGUE EXAM and the analysis found MRSA on my tongue, after one month I repeated this analysis and the result was Gram Positive Cocci, when I compared two analysis I found antibiotics in the first analysis are resistance but in the 2nd one are sensitve and vice versa !!!!!!!!!,

I went to many doctors, and they told me don’t worry from anything becaues it doesn’t hurt you.

Ok, in this duration I taked many medicines

Azithromycin (anti biotic to kill staph)
Ciprofloxacin (anti biotic to kill staph)
Anti Fungi

and until now nothing change

yesterday I started to use listerine mouthwash and I hope to treat me

Please help me, My wedding after 6 days and I wanna Kiss my lovely wife without worring to infect her.

I wanna see my tongue in a good health again

please help me

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Answer by Paige
What did you just say?! Taked many medicines?? Slap my ass and call me sally! Why would anyone taked many medicines in the first place?

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