How to get rid of Candida Yeast Infections Naturally  

Article by Jane Harling

Candida Albicans is a species of yeast that, when it multiplies out of control, becomes a Yeast Infection. This is a most annoying condition. Also known as Candida, it is not uncommon.Candida is naturally found in the body causing no problems until the good bacteria fail to keep it under control. This can happen for many reasons which is why a Yeast Infection can be so difficult to cure. A lot of people waste a great deal of time and money on ineffective treatment and there is now a consensus of opinion that a Natural Cure – a Holistic Plan that looks at your body as a whole, is probably the only way to go. This also helps the Candida to be banished for good.

Candida usually takes hold when a number of conditions are suitable at the same time.Such as

* The good bacteria being drastically reduced in number due to prolonged use of antibiotics. This then permits the Candida to escalate quickly and result in lots of ailments.* A Poor Immune system. This may be as a result of recent illness or Stress. Or perhaps overwork and general tiredness.* A Poor Diet. Too rich in sugar and overprocessed and refined foods with all their inherent goodness removed.* An Acidic environment in the body. This is believed to be the ideal state for all manner of bacteria and ailments to thrive throughout.* Using highly scented products undoing the skins natural PH balance allowing infection to flourish.* A lack of rigorous hygiene. In common with all fungi, Candida thrives in warm and moist conditions.* An infected intimate partner.

Some of the main symptoms can be intense itching and rashes. Also skin lesions. People look for creams and over the counter remedies to heal the symptom. Of course this may not actually help solve the cause of your Yeast Infection. Hence the recurring episodes sometimes up to five times a year and often progressively more serious.

Many people in the medical profession and alternative practitioners such as Naturopaths now believe the only effective cure is a Natural Cure. A Holistic Plan that attacks the cause of Candida in at least five ways. Not merely addressing one aspect of the source but attending to many inc. diet, the use of herbs, exercise, relaxation, massage among many. This endeavours to restore your general health and well being, enabling your Yeast Infections to be eliminated permanently. Leaving you feeling full of vitality and good health. Your body will then be able to stand a much better chance of fighting all manner of illnesses in the future.

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Male Yeast Infection Treatment -4 Common Tips To Consider

What Role Does Food Play In male Yeast Infection treatment ?Proven Diet Techniques for better male yeast infection treatment.
Male yeast infection treatment is a major problem for men of all ages. Male yeast infection is not that common but it happens and symptoms are usually identical to a yeast infection women. There are many products on the market designed to treat yeast infections. Some of these medicines for yeast infections require a prescription and some are available over the counter. Herbal products are also used to treat yeast infections.

Tips For Male Yeast Infection Treatment.

1-The very first step you need to do is to abstain from sex while you have the infection But this is a crucial step because intercourse can transmit the infection between partners (although the sex can not actually “cause a yeast infection).

and once they have transferred to your partner, you can get transferred back to you again, even if you had succeeded in eliminating the infection the first time around.

2-Wearing the all-cotton underpants and panty hose with cotton forks. Wearing cotton underwear that is not too tight, so tight, ‘breathe’ in the sweat duct, warm conditions the fungus likes to grow yeast and multiply. And you should stay away from sit around wet / wet bathing suits and other sports wear for the same reason.
3-Avoid diets high in sugar. Sugar can change the pH balance. look seriously at your diet. This is very important because the sugar, in particular, helps to feed the fungus, which you should avoid at all costs. What is important is to avoid refined sugar, fresh and dried fruits, fruit juices and other soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, processed foods, cakes, cookies, sweeteners, Do not eat anything that is high in vinegar. Avoid legumes, such as beans, and potatoes, and so on. Do not indulge in foods based on dairy. Cheese, milk, and flavored yogurt should be on your “don’t eat” list.
4- Drink at least two glasses of buttermilk daily, whether infected or not. By making curds a part of your daily diet, you may reduce your risk of yeast infections. Put 10-15 drops of grapefruit seed extract in your juice morning every day for a month. Some also recommend a daily dose of olive leaf extract with grapefruit seed extract.


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Candida Cleanse Diet – Foods to Eat on a Candida Diet and What to Avoid  

Article by John Cielo

Candida is a nasty infection that can thoroughly affect your daily life, especially if you suffer from recurring Candida, as around half of all Candida sufferers do.

And at the heart of Candida is diet. You see, although it’s the Candida albicans fungus that actually causes the horrible symptoms, there are underlying issues that are at the root of triggering a fungal over-growth into an actual infection.

One of these is poor nutrition; in other words poor modern-day diets that are heavy in sugar and refined carbohydrates. The Candida albicans fungi feed on sugars for growth, so the need to reduce or, better still, avoid sugar becomes obvious. But carbohydrates? Well, our digestive systems break carbs down into sugars, which is why they have to be reduced too.

But there are even more dietary issues that can encourage fungal growth. For example, since the Candida fungus is basically yeast, you need to avoid yeast products. But yeast is used in tons of foods and drinks, so you need to be able to recognise them.

There are many other things to consider in your diet as a Candida sufferer, but instead of going into an explanation of them all, I think it’s better just to give you a list of foods to eat on a Candida diet and foods to avoid as part of a Candida cleanse diet…

Foods to Avoid on a Candida Cleanse Diet:-

sugarsartificial sweetenersjamshoneydried fruitscanned fruitfruit juicessyrupsprocessed meatsfermented productscow’s milk productsyeast productssmoked productswhite flourwhite ricepastabaked beansnon-organic meat and poultry (which may have antibiotics / steroids in them)

Foods to Eat on a Candida Diet:-

organic meatorganic poultryfish from the seaorganically farmed fishsoya milkgoat and sheep’s milkorganic yogurt with live culturesfresh vegetablesonionsleeksgarlic (very good)saladsherbsyeast-free organic breadpasta made form wholewheatbeans and pulsescottage cheeserice cakesmineral water

Of necessity, these lists aren’t complete, but they are a very good start for you. And by seeking out all the foods that make up a good Candida diet, you’ll be able to design daily menus that are totally satisfying.

Now, as I said at the start, diet is only one of many underlying causes or triggers for Candida. You need to understand and fully address all of these in order to give yourself the best possible chance of curing your Candida and preventing its return.

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Candida Overgrowth Treatment – Natural Candida Albicans Overgrowth Treatment

Find out today what 3 things are needed in a Candida Overgrowth Treatment & what role each one plays. The reality is that unless properly dealt with you can expect to only have symptoms become worse. What’s even worse is that other chronic health conditions can develop out of a chronic candida overgrowth which can lead to poor health down the road that will be incredibly difficult to correct. A natural candida albicans overgrowth treatment is the only option which can lead to permanent improvement. In this article I’ll explain 3 major things you must do in order to eliminate candida for good!

Candida Overgrowth Treatment

1. Dietary Changes: Candida as you’ve probably learned by now feasts on sugar. This includes all carbohydrates that convert into sugar which is basically anything except fiber. If continually eaten they will feed your candida development and regardless of what you do will prevent the full eliminate of the excess candida.

2. The Correct Supplements: Herbal anti-fungals are key, but there are many other supplements that are critical in candida elimination. Take biotin for example, it prevents the yeast from changing into the mycelial form that wreaks havok in the body. It can make all the difference in the world to a chronic candida sufferer who has yet to use it.

3. Addressing all root causes: Heavy metals, parasites, drugs and anti-biotics, un-diagnosed allergies. The list goes on and on, if you suffer from any of these you can expect an incredibly difficult uphill battle against candida and in many cases an impossible one unless the root factor that is suppressing your immune function is eliminated or corrected. Many people come into the world and soon after will be on anti-biotics for ear infections only to begin an even worse fate in having to deal with candida.

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The Author is a professional nutritionist and one of the contributing authors to the books How to Cure Candida available at As well as “How to Cure Vaginal Yeast Infections” available at “How to Cure Candida” goes into detail explaining how to address not just your current candida problems but the root causes as well so that you never experience Candida or any of its symptoms again. In addition to which they offer 1 on 1 professional consultations to those who purchase the guide as well as a massive cookbook of Candida recipes and Male and Female Quick Fix Yeast Infection Guides.

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I am in a War with Staph Bacteria on my Tongue?

Question by rechter: I am in a War with Staph Bacteria on my Tongue?

Actually from 4 months ago, and suddenly found my Tongue had a white sores, very very Painful, after one week my tongue became a good, after one week I found yellow, white sores on my tongue BUT NOT PAINFUL AND i DON’T FEEL IT AND IT DOESN’T BOTHER ME, I can eat, somke, drink and I am fine UNTIL NOW, I made SWAB TONGUE EXAM and the analysis found MRSA on my tongue, after one month I repeated this analysis and the result was Gram Positive Cocci, when I compared two analysis I found antibiotics in the first analysis are resistance but in the 2nd one are sensitve and vice versa !!!!!!!!!,

I went to many doctors, and they told me don’t worry from anything becaues it doesn’t hurt you.

Ok, in this duration I taked many medicines

Azithromycin (anti biotic to kill staph)
Ciprofloxacin (anti biotic to kill staph)
Anti Fungi

and until now nothing change

yesterday I started to use listerine mouthwash and I hope to treat me

Please help me, My wedding after 6 days and I wanna Kiss my lovely wife without worring to infect her.

I wanna see my tongue in a good health again

please help me

Best answer:

Answer by Paige
What did you just say?! Taked many medicines?? Slap my ass and call me sally! Why would anyone taked many medicines in the first place?

Add your own answer in the comments!

Q&A: What is the most natural & effective thing to control sugar cravings and appetite, to lose weight?

Question by Mandy: What is the most natural & effective thing to control sugar cravings and appetite, to lose weight?
My doctor recently treated me for system yeast infection (candida), and I understand this can make sugar cravings especially strong. Even with treatment, they are still out of control.

Is there a tea or supplement I can take? I already take chromium once/day. Please recommend.

Best answer:

Answer by onlymatch4u
Sugar cravings, along with junk food cravings will go away within a 2 week period if you go on a Blood Sugar Handling Diet. This stabilizes your blood sugar and many people that go on this food regimen do not want to stop. It gives you more energy and also allows you to start controlling your weight much better as well. The loss of cravings is a side effect of the regimen. E-mail me and I will be glad to send it to you, but I need an e-mail that will accept attachments.

Chocolate cravings are basically a magnesium deficiency and many cravings are the body telling you that you need to make some changes because you are not giving it what it needs.

Your doctor, by the way, is definitely NOT the person to ask about nutritional things. They are not trained in that area and simply do not understand how the body works in regard to food and nutrition.

good luck to you

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Q&A: How effective is over the counter yeast infection treatment?

Question by Hallie: How effective is over the counter yeast infection treatment?
I have a yeast infection, but I don’t have insurance so I can’t go see a doctor.
I was searching the net, & apparently there is a lot of controversy about Monistat, etc.
I was just wondering if anyone has used an OTC treatment to cure the infection, and if so, which one?
Thanks so much. :)

Best answer:

Answer by the_only_solorose
otc preparations are quite effective if you use them correctly. The problem with Monistat is that they offer the one day and three day treatments and those simply are not as effective as the seven day treatments. Simply make sure you use a seven day treatment of any of the otc brands and you will be fine. Personally, I like Vagisil products myself.

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How do I cure a yeast infection fast?

Question by kerilynn_77: How do I cure a yeast infection fast?
For some reason I just broke out in a yeast infection yesterday. Its the second one I’ve ever had in my life! I don’t really know how to cure them, but I want to cure it fast because my boyfriend is home for two weeks from the Navy. Please let me know :) Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by me
try monestat(sp).

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Is there a natural way or homeopathic treatment to cure h.pylori?

Question by daisy65: Is there a natural way or homeopathic treatment to cure h.pylori?
About a year ago i started with all sorts of symptoms, my dr.gave me a test and said it was h.pylori he gave me a prevpac(antibiotics)triple therapy but i have a lot of sensativity issues with antibiotics, oral thrush, vaginal infections so stopped taking them, changed my whole lifestyle of eating, no more cokes,white flour, some symptoms disappeared but then i started getting like hives anywhere all of a sudden, specially with meat, so im down like 15 lbs. can o nly eat vegetables, salads, brocoli,some fruit no sugars at all so im trying to research a more natural way of healing my body but ive been getting contradicting info, candida, fibromyalgia, h.pylori, tape worms, my god, im going crazy, what good are these doctors for then?all of the above sort of have the same symptoms, where do I start?
The hives are whats driving me crazy, i already got allergy testing, no food allergies
so its something else, can h.pylori cause hives/rashes?
No, i did not finish the antibiotic prevpac because of nasty side effects, then started getting candida oral thrush,vaginal infections, just kept taking prevacid and helped for quite a while but now i think the ulcer is there because of the pain at night. Guess ill have to go back and try the prevpac again, im not sure, there are so many things online, heard of manuka honey,mastic gum, coconut oil, kefir, firelac, maybe a combination of both antibiortics and some of the above i will try.

Best answer:

Answer by daddy77_us
If you have H. pylori it will likely be an ulcer. There shouldn’t be any hives/rashes. If you do get on an antibiotic take a pro biotic along with it and that should help some. Antibiotics are great for killing infections but they also kill good flora that your gut needs to function properly. Pro biotics will replace these.

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