Q&A: Can you have a yeast infection without symptoms?

Question by CJ: Can you have a yeast infection without symptoms?
My latest pap came back with a yeast infection, but I have absolutely NO symptoms. NO itching, burning, discharge, or odor. If anything, I’m a bit dry.

I always thought a yeast infection was a burning, unbearable thing, but I feel nothing untoward. Could that test be wrong?

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Answer by helper
It affects everyone differently. Basically the culture came back with an over growth of yeast, they could have caught it before it got bad enough to display its annoying symptoms.

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  1. Belial De Sade says:

    If you notice a loaf of bread in your panties – chances are you’ve got a yeast infection.

  2. jenjamsam says:

    the test could be right. not every woman will have the same symptoms and not every infection you have will be the same. consider yourself lucky not to have the other symptoms. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy! There is also a new over the counter test, if you want to see for yourself.

  3. johnnys_angel_82 says:

    i get yeast infections like once a month but have NEVER had the classic symptoms.
    i can just tell now … well its bout that time to get the meds – ever since i had my 1st daughter its been like this-
    my doc thought it was odd that i never had any symptoms … but it happens.
    if the test came back positive then it is, but its nothing to really stress over, its just a yeast infection nothing serious, i would just keep meds in the bathroom or whereever you keep them all the time for stand by and start to pay more attention from now on to little things– even mood swings — thats my only real way to tell i have one — its very odd but .. everyone is different and so are symptoms.
    good luck

  4. doclakewrite says:

    you can have a yeast infection without having all those symptoms. if both partners are not treated, you keep passing it back and forth to one another…. you both need to be treated with oral meds….

  5. melissa m says:

    a women always know when they have an infection, coz it’s a discomfort

  6. JOJO says:

    CJ, the same thing happened to me just a couple of weeks ago and I had the same results which was suprising to me also. So I guess you can have no symtoms. Sometimes I suffer from yeast infestions, mostly after my cycle and would have symtoms. I don’t think the test could was wrong.

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