Q&A: Yeast Infection symptoms with slight abdominal cramps: Any help?

Question by Bride2Be: Yeast Infection symptoms with slight abdominal cramps: Any help?
Never had a yeast infection but I think I might have one now but besides the original symptoms that have been happening for a week I have developed a slight abdominal cramp on my right side. It is not constant but noticeable. Are these symptoms related? Is this a yeast infection? (Itching, burning, discharge)

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Answer by mlgable
The itching would be severe and the discharge would be a clumpy cottage cheesy type discharge, You obviously have an infection of some kind but without running tests there is no way to know what it is. Go to urgent care or a walk in clinic and get it checked out. It could be spreading since you mention abdominal pain at times.

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